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Numbers in Novial

How to count in Novial, an International Auxiliary Language created by Otto Jespersen, a linguist from Denmark.

Click on any of the numbers that are links (blue) to hear them spoken. If you can provide recordings, corrections or additional translations, please contact me.

Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
1 un, uni unesmi
2 du duesmi
3 tri triesmi
4 quar quaresmi
5 sink sinkesmi
6 six sixesmi
7 sep sepesmi
8 ok okesmi
9 nin ninesmi
10 dek dekesmi
11 dekun dekunesmi
12 dekdu dekduesmi
13 dektri dektriesmi
14 dekquar dekquaresmi
15 deksink deksinkesmi
16 deksix deksixesmi
17 deksep deksepesmi
18 dekok dekokesmi
19 deknin dekninesmi
20 duanti duantiesmi
21 duanti-un duanti-unesmi
22 duanti-du duanti-duesmi
23 duanti-tri duanti-triesmi
24 duanti-quar duanti-quaresmi
25 duanti-sink duanti-sinkesmi
26 duanti-six duanti-sixesmi
27 duanti-sep duanti-sepesmi
28 duanti-ok duanti-okesmi
29 duanti-nin duanti-ninesmi
30 trianti triantiesmi
40 quaranti quarantiesmi
50 sinkanti sinkantiesmi
60 sixanti sixantiesmi
70 sepanti sepantiesmi
80 okanti okantiesmi
90 ninanti ninantiesmi
100 sent sentesmi
1000 mil milesmi


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