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Ojibwe numbers

How to count in Ojibwe (Anishinaabemowin / ᐊᓂᔑᓈᐯᒧᐎᓐ), an Algonquian language spoken in the parts of Canadian and the USA.

Click on any of the numbers that are links (blue) to hear them spoken. If you can provide recordings, corrections or additional translations, please contact me.

Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
1 bezhig (ᐯᔑᒃ) netamising (ᓀᑕᒥᓯᓐᒃ)
nitam (ᓂᑕᒻ)
2 niizh (ᓂᔥ) eko-niizhing (ᐁᑯᓂᔑᓐᒃ)
3 niswi (ᓂᓸ) eko-nising (ᐁᑯᓂᓯᓐᒃ)
4 niiwin (ᓂᓸ) eko-niiwing (ᐁᑯᓂᐎᓐᒃ)
5 naanan (ᓇᓇᓐ) eko-naananing (ᐁᑯᓇᓇᓂᓐᒃ)
6 ningodwaaswi (ᓂᑯᑡᓸ)  
7 niizhwaaswi (ᓂᔡᓸ)  
8 nishwaaswi (ᓂᔡᓸ)  
9 zhaangaswi (ᔕᓐᑲᓸ)  
10 midaaswi (ᒥᑕᓸ)  
11 midaaswi ashi bezhig
(ᒥᑕᓸ ᐊᔑ ᐯᔑᒃ)
12 midaaswi ashi niizh
(ᒥᑕᓸ ᐊᔑ ᓂᔥ)
(ᐁᑯ ᐊᔑ ᓂᔑᓐᒃ)
13 midaaswi ashi niswi
(ᒥᑕᓸ ᐊᔑ ᓂᓸ)
14 midaaswi ashi niiwin
(ᒥᑕᓸ ᐊᔑ ᓂᓸ)
15 midaaswi ashi naanan
(ᒥᑕᓸ ᐊᔑ ᓇᓇᓐ)
16 midaaswi ashi ningodwaaswi
(ᒥᑕᓸ ᐊᔑ ᓂᑯᑡᓸ)
17 midaaswi ashi niizhwaaswi
(ᒥᑕᓸ ᐊᔑ ᓂᔡᓸ)
18 midaaswi ashi nishwaaswi
(ᒥᑕᓸ ᐊᔑ ᓂᔡᓸ)
19 midaaswi ashi zhaangaswi
(ᒥᑕᓸ ᐊᔑ ᔕᓐᑲᓸ)
20 niizhidana
(ᐁᑯ ᓂᔑᑕᓀᐗᒃ)
21 niizhidana ashi bezhig
(ᓂᔑᑕᓇ ᐊᔑ ᐯᔑᒃ)
22 niizhidana ashi niizh
(ᓂᔑᑕᓇ ᐊᔑ ᓂᔥ)
eko-niizhidana ashi niizhing
(ᐁᑯ ᓂᔑᑕᓇ ᐊᔑ ᓂᔑᓐᒃ)
23 niizhidana ashi niswi
(ᓂᔑᑕᓇ ᐊᔑ ᓂᓸ)
24 niizhidana ashi niiwin
(ᓂᔑᑕᓇ ᐊᔑ ᓂᓸ)
25 niizhidana ashi naanan
(ᓂᔑᑕᓇ ᐊᔑ ᓇᓇᓐ)
26 niizhidana ashi ningodwaaswi
(ᓂᔑᑕᓇ ᐊᔑ ᓂᑯᑡᓸ)
27 niizhidana ashi niizhwaaswi
(ᓂᔑᑕᓇ ᐊᔑ ᓂᔡᓸ)
28 niizhidana ashi nishwaaswi
(ᓂᔑᑕᓇ ᐊᔑ ᓂᔡᓸ)
29 niizhidana ashi zhaangaswi
(ᓂᔑᑕᓇ ᐊᔑ ᔕᓐᑲᓸ)
30 nisimidana (ᓂᓯᒥᑕᓇ)  
40 niimidana (ᓂᒥᑕᓇ)  
50 naanimidana (ᓇᓂᒥᑕᓇ)  
60 ningodwaasimidana (ᓂᓐᑯᑡᓯᒥᑕᓇ)  
70 niizhwaasimidana (ᓂᔡᓯᒥᑕᓇ)  
80 nishwaasimidana (ᓂᔡᓯᒥᑕᓇ)  
90 zhaangasimidana (ᔕᓐᑲᓯᒥᑕᓇ)  
100 ningodwaak (ᓂᑯᑡᒃ)  
101 ningodwaak ashi bezhig
(ᓂᑯᑡᒃ ᐊᔑ ᐯᔑᒃ)
200 niizhwaak (ᓂᔡᒃ)  
300 niswaak (ᓂᔀᒃ)  
400 niiwaak (ᓂᐗᒃ)  
500 naanwaak (ᓇᓋᒃ)  
600 ningodwaassaak (ᓂᑯᑡᔀᒃ)  
700 niishwaaswaak (ᓂᔡᑡᔀᒃ)  
800 nishwaaswaak (ᓂᔡᑡᔀᒃ)  
900 zhaangaswaak (ᔕᓐᑿᔀᒃ)  
1,000 midaaswaak (ᒥᑕᔀᒃ)  
10,000 midaaching (ᒥᑕᒋᓐᒃ)  
100,000 ningodwaak daso midaaswaak
(ᓂᑯᑡᒃ ᑕᓱ ᒥᑕᔀᒃ)
1,000,000 midaaswaak daso midaaswaak
(ᒥᑕᔀᒃ ᑕᓱ ᒥᑕᔀᒃ)
once aabiding (ᐊᐱᑎᓐᒃ)  
twice niizhing (ᓂᔑᓐᒃ)  
three times nising (ᓂᓯᓐᒃ)  


The midaaswi is commonly omitted from the numbers 11-19

Information about Ojibwe numerals

If you would like to make any corrections or additions to this page, or if you can provide recordings, please contact me.

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