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Numbers in Ume Sámi

How to count in Ume Sámi (Ubmejensámien giella), a Western Sámi language spoken on the Ume River in Norway and Sweden.

Click on any of the numbers that are links (blue) to hear them spoken. If you can provide recordings, corrections or additional translations, please contact me.

Numeral Cardinal numbers
1 akte
2 guökte
3 gulbme
4 nilje
5 vijhte
6 guvhte
7 tjijtje
8 gaktse
9 åktse
10 lúhke
11 lúhke jah ákte
12 lúhke jah guökte
13 lúhke jah gulbme
14 lúhke jah nilje
15 lúhke jah vijhte
16 lúhke jah guvhte
17 lúhke jah tjijtje
18 lúkhe jah gaktse
19 lúhke jah åktse
20 guökte lúhkeh
21 guökte lúhkeh ákte
22 guökte lúhkeh guökte
23 guökte lúhkeh gulbme
24 guökte lúhkeh nilje
25 guökte lúhkeh vijhte
26 guökte lúhkeh guvhte
27 guökte lúhkeh tjijtje
28 guökte lúhkeh gakste
29 guökte lúhkeh åktse
30 gulbme lúhkeh
40 nilje lúhkeh
50 vijhte lúhkeh
60 guvhte lúhkeh
70 tjijtje lúhkeh
80 gakste lúhkeh
90 åktse lúhkeh
100 tjúöhte
200 guökte tjúöhte
1000 tuvsan
2000 guökte tuvsanh


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