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How many roads?

How many roads must a chicken cross?

This is a song I finished writing in December 2013 after quite a few months of fiddling with it. It combines and plays with bits of proverbs, sayings and jokes, and is seriously silly, or possibly profoundly shallow.

How many roads?

How many roads must a chicken cross
Before you can count your eggs?
And how many light bulbs must be changed
Before a snake grows legs?

The answer you see
Is sitting in a tree
The answer is sitting in a tree.

How many dark horses must be lead to water
Before they'll buy you a drink?
And how many pigs must fly throught the sky
Before you'll stop and think?

The answer you see
The answer is ABCDE.

How many kings must a cat look at
Before it smells a rat?
And how many trees must a dog bark up
Before the belfry goes bats?

The answer you see
Is one, two and three
The answer is one, two and three.

How many wolves must dress as sheep
Before the cows come home?
And how many needles must a camel thread
Before it can go to bed?

The answer you know
Is as easy as dough
The answer is as easy as dough.

How many clocks must blind mice climb
Before one of them gets stuck?
And how many barrels must be filled with monkeys
Before you run out of luck?

The answer you see
Is a great big bumblebee
The answer is a great big bumblebee.

Here's a recording:

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