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Maghrebi Arabic alphabet (دارجة)

The Maghrebi Arabic alphabet is a way of writing the Maghrebi dialects of Arabic (Tunisian, Algerian, and Moroccan) devised by Emad Adel. This alphabet is based on how people write the Maghrebi dialects on social media and in literature, such as the Bible and dictionaries. Some Facebook pages have started using it.

Emad's goal was to create a single written Maghrebi language instead of having three different languages or even more. This was possible by using Arabic script and relying on Modern Standard Arabic orthography.

Maghrebi Arabic alphabet


Download an alphabet chart for the Maghrebi Arabic alphabet (Excel)

Sample text

Sample text in the Maghrebi Arabic alphabet


Information about Maghrebi Arabic alphabet

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Varieties of Arabic

Algerian, Cypriot, Egyptian, Lebanese, Modern Standard, Moroccan, Syrian, Tunisian

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