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Syrian Arabic (el-lahjeẗ el-‛arabīyeẗ es-sūrīyé / اللهجة العربيّة السورىّة)

Syrian Arabic is a variety of Levantine Arabic spoken mainly in Syria (سورية‎) and Lebanon (لُبْنَان‎). There are three main dialects which are spoken in Damascus (دِمَشقُ‎), the centre of the country, and the north of the country respectively. In parts of eastern Syria varieties of Iraqi Arabic and North Mesopotamian Arabic are spoken.

Levantine Arabic (شامي‎) is spoken in Syria, Lebanon, Cyprus, Palestine, Israel and Jordan, and has some 35 million speakers of all its varieties.

Syrian Arabic pronunciation


Syrian Arabic consonants


Syrian Arabic vowels


  1. after consonants
  2. in the vicinity of uvular and pharyngeal (emphatic) consonants
  3. dialectical variants

Information about Syrian Arabic pronunciation compiled by Wolfram Siegel

Sample video in Syrian Arabic

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