The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1-9)

Chiriguano / Chawuncu (East Bolivian Guaraní)

O ɨvate yae vae Babel pe

  1. Jókuae ara rupi opaete vae ɨvɨ pegua reta imiarise metei vae ñee peño.
  2. Oyakavo reta yave kuaraɨ oëa kotɨ güi, oväe reta chupe metei ñuu kavi ɨvɨ Sinar jee vae pe, jare joko pe oñemoëta reta.
  3. Jayave jei reta oyoupe: “Yayapo ladrillo jare yamboyɨ tata pe.” Jare jökorai ikavi yae chupe reta ladrillo, ita jekovia pe, jare mbae ipomoasɨ ɨvɨ yasuru rami vae oiporu reta tuyuapo jekovia pe.
  4. Jayave jei reta: “Yayapo metei tëta guasu jare ñamopüa metei o ɨvate yeyé vae, ojo ara re oya vae; ñanerërakua vaerä güɨramoi opa yave ñañemoai moai ɨvɨ iárambo.”
  5. Jare yandeYa ogüeyɨ omae vaerä tëta guasu re jare o ɨvate yeyé kuimbae reta oyapo ñogüɨnoi vae re,
  6. jare jei: “Kuae reta metei ramiño, jare iñee reta metei ramiño vi; añave omboɨpɨ reta kuae mbaravɨkɨ jare ngaraa mbae omboavai reta kuae oyemongeta oyapo vaerä vae güi.
  7. Añave, ikavi yagüeyɨ joko pe yamoambuae chugüi reta iñee, agüɨye vaerä ipuere oikuaa reta iñee oyoupe.”
  8. Jökorai yandeYa opa omoai moai joko güi ɨvɨ iárambo rupi. Jare mbaetɨ ma ipuere opa oyapo reta jókuae tëta guasu.
  9. Jáeramo kuae tëta jee Babel, echa joko pe yandeYa opa omoambuae opaete vae reta iñee, jökorai joko güi opa omoai moai ɨvɨ iárambo rupi.

Source: Tumpa Iñee. Biblia Guarani. Sociedad Biblica Boliviana, 2011.

Contributed by Wolfgang Kuhl

East Bolivan Guaraní is a Guaraní language spoken in Bolivia, Argentina and Paraguay. It is known as Chiriguano or Chawuncu in Bolivia, Western Argentine Guaraní in Argentina, and Ñandeva in Paraguay.

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