The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1-9)


  1. Tar cii lu zwa môm, ilyam kpaa môm.
  2. Zum u ve lu yemen vegher u sha ityoughkitaregh la, ve zua a ijiir i lun gbulumaa ken tar u Shinar, maa ve haa her.
  3. Tsô ve kaa ayol a ve er: Sé gbidye nen akam, sé sôô nen dedoo. Akam la hingir ve er ka awen, man inya i tiher hingir ve er ka inya i hôron yô.
  4. Ve kaa er: Sé maa nen Zegegar man gôgôyou u taven sha, a̱ za tagher sha Aôndo je, iti yase i̱ za gwa sha won, sé kera samber nen sha tar cii ga.
  5. Tsô TER sen sha u Una nenge gar man gôgôyou u ônov mba iorov ve maan yô.
  6. TER kaa er: Nenge, ve cii, ka nongo môm, zwa ve kpaa ngu môm je; man ka kwagh u ve hii u eren je ne, nahan ma kwagh u ve we ishima u eren yô, una hemba ve ga.
  7. Yô, Sé sen, Sé za nzughul ve zwa, ve̱ de kera ongo kwaghôron u ayol a ve ga.
  8. Nahan TER va num ve heregh, sambe ve sha tar cii wue wue, man ve de u maan zegegar la.
  9. Ka nahan man i yer iti na er Babel ye, gadia ka heregh man Ter nzughul zwa u ior sha won cii ye; ka heregh la kpaa TER sambe ve sha tar cii wue wue ye.

Source: Icighan Biblio. Bible Society of Nigeria, 2014

Contributed by Wolfgang Kuhl

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