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Maya for Travelers and Students

Maya for Travelers and Students: A Guide to Language and Culture in Yucatan

by Gary Bevington

- a general English-language introduction to the Yucatec Maya language. Covers pronunciation grammar and invaluable tips on learning indigenous languages "in the field", together with notes on Maya culture. A 30 minute audio cassette by Fernando Ojeda containing a guide to Maya pronunciation and some of the phrases in this book is also available.

Buy the book from: Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk
Buy the cassette from: Amazon.com

Maya-English/English-Maya Dictionary And Phrasebook

Maya-English/English-Maya Dictionary And Phrasebook

by John Montgomery

- a good but quite simple phrasebook of the modern Yucatec Maya language containing 2,500 common words and phrases with an emphasis on things a tourist might want to say, plus a brief introduction to Maya grammar.

Buy from: Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk

Dictionary Of The Maya Language

by Victoria Bricker

- a good dictionary of the Yucatec Mayan language. Also contains a short grammar, a botanical index and a bibliography.

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Mayan languages

Achi, Aguacateco, Akatek, Ch’ol, Chorti, Huasteco, Ixil, Kaqchikel, Ki'che', Lacandon, Mam, Q’anjob’al, Q'eqchi', Tojolabal, Tsotsil, Tzeltal, Tz'utujil, Yucatec Maya

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