Atemayar Qelisayér    Atemayar alphabet (Atemayar Qelisayér)

The Atemayar Qelisayér alphabet was created by Simon Halfdan Hvilshøj Andersen during a boring Latin classes at school. He wanted a language that sounded Arabic, thus the large amount of words with Q and guttural sounds.

The alphabet is used to write the Qelisan language, Felayir Qelisayér, which was invented by Simon for use in his sci-fi novels. Although the plotlines are located on several planets among several alien civilizations and cultures, most of the action takes place on Jeernervaniaa, a planet inhabited by humans.

Internal history

The Jeernervaniaans are humans abducted from earth twenty thousand years ago. On their planet, on the other side of the Galaxy, they created civilizations like on Earth. Today Jeernervaniaa (pronounced Djenærvanja) is mostly like Earth, but with a much more advanced civilization.

The Atemayar is not the only alphabet used by the Jeernervaniaans, as the mostly widely used writing system is the Jeernervaniaan Standard Extended Alphabet (JESA).

The Atemayar alphabet (Atemayar Qelisayér)

Atemayar alphabet


The Qelisan Punctuation (Yajemayar)

The Qelisan Punctuation (Yajemayar)

The Qelisan Numerals (Aminiyér)

Sample text in the Atemayar

Sample text in the Atemayar


Dal yotiyir savula aya bolina por litanuyér aya por retinuyér bentudaje ba. Daje cimin retinayor aya tanakayir; aya daje zal te il bul dayeli por samerayér dina.


All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
(Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

Download a font for Atemayar (created by Bryson Schnaitmann)

Other alphabets invented by Simon Halfdan Hvilshøj Andersen

Atemayar Qelisayér, Irxti Modern Alphabet (I.M.A.), Jeernervaniaan Standard Extended alphabet (JSEA), Lam-Lammarok, Obúka lún Êkimyú

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