Jeernervaniaan    Jeernervaniaan alphabet (Jeh Obák)

This alphabet was created by Simon Halfdan Hvilshøj Garnero for use in his sci-fi novels. Simon based this alphabet on the Greek and Latin alphabets and originally used it to write French phonetically. Later he constructed a language, Nobuzyanese, to go with it.

The alphabet is used to write most of the conlangs Simon create for use in his sci-fi novels: for example the Qelisan language, Felayir Qelisayér, and Nobuzyanese. Although the plotlines are located on several planets among several alien civilizations and cultures, most of the action takes place on Jeernervaniaa, a planet inhabited by humans.

Internal history

The Jeernervaniaans are humans abducted from Earth about twenty thousand years ago. On their planet, on the other side of the Galaxy, they created civilizations like on Earth. Today Jeernervaniaa (pronounced /dZe"nErvanja:/) is mostly like Earth, but with a much more advanced civilization.

Nobuzyanese is one of the most wide spread languages on Jeernervaniaa and its many colonies. It descends from a long line of now dead languages among which Lâs le Minûstâryú, Old Lekinese and Gobarrassu can be found. The JSEA was created in the year 18,042 by Heolnor Ta Valnerinnurhalla by request of the Aârish Federal Academy.

Jeernervaniaan Standard Alphabet

Notable features

Jeernervaniaan Standard Alphabet (Jeernervaniaan Hobenisa Obák)

These represent the thirty-eight letters composing the “JSA’, the Standard Alphabet. They were design to represent sounds found in almost every Jeernervaniaan language. Other letters with diacritics and non-standard forms were developed to accommodate less common sounds. These extra-numerous letters form the Extended Alphabet.

Note that Hamma Altar is used in titles.

Additional letters

Additional JSEA letters

Jeernervaniaan numerals

Jeernervaniaan numerals

* Sib and Alf are used in transcription of elder Nobuzyanese dialects where duodecimal (base-12) counting was widespread. Tolenn is used to write 10 when standalone, or 12 in base-12.

** Talaasan Crima is the decimal separator used.

Nan is an alternate form of Nol and is used when writing mostly numbers.

Jeernervaniaan punctuation

Jeernervaniaan punctuation

Sample text in Nobuzyanese

Sample text in Nobuzyanese


Äll Yumán naqirunt frälsise ät samsasise ikin Hobinaâr ät Rätneên. Yýn haboe Lahära ät Ŝimrus ät ikin ben ät gio hánkent.
Yun e "Ällisa Yamaanise Rätnaâran Tiinsribnaki".


All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
(Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

More information about Nobuzyanese

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