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Bostani   Bostani

Bostani is an alternative script for Persian devised by Ian James. Mattias Persson also provided major contributions to this project. The idea for this script arose from a discussion with Dr. Hamid Farroukh about the future of the Persian language, and certain problems facing young Persians in the writing of it. It is an attempt to combine modern input methods with a distinct, historically Persian look and feel. The name refers to a famous poem by Sa’di called the Bostân.

Notable features

Bostani alphabet

Bostani alphabet

Sample text

Sample text in Bostani


Ruzist xuš va havâ na garmast va na sard
abr az roxe golzâr hami šuyad gard
bolbol be zabâne hâl nazde gole zard
faryâd konad hamâra mei bâyad xord.
From a poem by Omar Khayyâm

More details of Bostani

Contact regarding the author's various script systems can be made via email: ianrjames at hotmail dot com.

Alphabets by Ian James

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Other constructed scripts

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