Klaekson-Zaen    Klaekson-Zaen script

The Klaekson-Zaen script was devised by Ian James and is based on two separate scripts of Mattias Persson – one is the source for the vowels, the other is the source for the consonant bases. It is assembled in parts to show clearly the phonetic makeup.

Notable features


For each phonetic region a consonantal base is given, to which a modifier may then be added. The shapes for the bases come almost directly from Mattias' script Klakson.

Klaekson-Zaen consonants

Here are examples of the modifers put upon the labial base. These are new, and float above the bases rather than being attached to them. Default is voiced plosive (or voiced lateral). Semivowels can only take a devoicing modifier.

Klaekson-Zaen labial consonants


The vowel glyphs signal the relative location of the tongue, with front being to the right, open being at the bottom. Rounded vowels have a circle at their tail. This particular structure is based on vowels in Mattias' Xanadian Phonetic Alphabet, which in turn were inspired by vowels from Herman Miller's phonetic script Ljörr. There is a 6×3 division of the vowel-space.

Klaekson-Zaen vowels

Vowel modifiers

After a vowel may come a mark showing tone and/or nasalization. The upper part is a glottal base for a pure tone, or a nasal modifier, or a creaky modifier. The lower part represents the pitch element. Pure middle tone-mark does not usually need to be written, middle being the default tone for vowels. A vowel may be devoiced by putting a consonantal devoicing mark above it, and if preceded by an unvoiced plosive they can share a single mark. To lengthen a vowel, simply repeat it.

Klaekson-Zaen vowel modifiers

Sample text

Klaekson-Zaen sample text


Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
first line of Shakespeare's 18th sonnet

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