Cyringit (Сірінгіт)

Cyringit is a way to write Tlingit with the Cyrillic script created by Marc Harder. After discovering that Tlingit used to be written in the script, and not finding much about it, he decided to make one himself.

Cyringit alphabet

Cyringit alphabet


Download a script chart for Cyringit (Excel)

Sample text in Cyringit

Чьъ йеь гогэьнкь ъьвэь ъ каӿ шокълисьоьӿ һа тлъгу ԟваьнӿьи адэь с ԟонугу йэь. Һа лілквь һъьс адэь йеь с йинейи йеь ъьвэь, дэ аь ъвтолхажи ъьт ъьвэь, аь һа ваԟкійъԟа. Ъьч ъьвэь къкъвтовъкэьль. Де къвктуԛагуьн ъьвэь ӿъь, һа тлаь лілквь һъьс, һа тлаь каьк һаьс, һъсдо ԟостійиь, һъсдо йу ӿьътъьнги. Де аь ъвтолихажи ъьт ъьвэь, һа жийиьс. Һа жіхь къкійъкэьль. Ъч ъьвэь цо һеьдэ шогъӿтутаьн, йъь йаԟусгэь дакет, һа жіхь ънъьԟ һъс къвдикьіьть.


Chʼa yéi gugénkʼ áwé a kaax̱ shukalisʼúx̱, haa tlagoo ḵwáanxʼi aadé s ḵunoogu yé. Haa léelkʼw hás aadé yéi s jineiyi yé áwé, de áa awtulxaaji át áwé, áa haa waḵkeeyaḵaa. Ách áwé kakawtuwakélʼ. Dei kawtoo.aag̱óon áwé x̱á, haa tláa léelkʼw hás, haa tláa káak hás, hasdu ḵusteeyí, hasdu yoo x̱ʼatángi. Dei áa awtulixaaji át áwé, haa jiyís. Haa jeexʼ kakeeyakélʼ. Ách áwé tsu héide shugax̱tootáan, yá yaaḵoosgé daakeit, haa jeexʼ anáḵ has kawdikʼéetʼ.


We have only uncovered a tiny portion of the way our ancient people used to do things. How our grandfathers used to handle things is what we had given up, what you told us to look at. That is why we untied it. We had tried it, you see, our mothers’ grandfathers, our mothers’ maternal uncles, their culture, their language. We had given them up for ourselves. You have untied it for us. That is why we will open it again, this container of wisdom left in our hands.

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