Demano (Dcadwy) Demano (Dcadwy)

The Demano script (Dcadwy) was created by Daniel Fregoso Bañuelos for his conlang, the Deboca language (Mwcwy). It is a bicameral 10-letter alphabet with a rudimentary set of punctuation and a base-5 number system. The letterforms were partly inspired by Daniel's earlier conlang Choyuck, since the Deboca people reside within the greater Choyuck subcontinent. The two have coexisted for millennia despite the Choyuck being the dominant culture of the area, and subsequently the Deboca have adopted a number of Choyuck loanwords into their language, but not without extensive sound changes to fit their minimal phonology.

Daniel started the project in 2019, and is worldbuilding to give his conlang more of an identity. He got inspired to make Demano by the sound of Polynesian and Native American languages, and wanted to make a language that has a simple phonology but can make many different words through affixation or even just the simple change of a root stem.

Notable features

Demano script

Demano script


Download a font for Demano

Download an alphabet chart for Demano (Excel)

Sample text

Sample text in Demano


Dwqwr prydym w yacadym rypwna w aqwar cacad myna. Ranaqar rwdcydyw w cyncadyw pa. Manyqyr qadar dyqym ÿdyc apamaq.
(Yacad cacpanwy prydcyda qynqacwy pwrqany 1-dcy)

IPA transcription

ˈduxʊɾ ˈpɾiðɪm‿u jɐˈʃaðɪm rɪˈpunɐ w‿ɐˈxʷaɾ ʃɐˈʃað ˈminɐ | rɐˈnaxɐɾ rʊˈdʒiðɪw‿u ʃɪnˈʃaðɪw pa | mɐˈnixɪɾ xɐˈðaɾ ˈdixɪm jɪˈðiʃ‿ɐˈpamɐx ‖ jɐˈʃað ʃɐʃˈpanʊj pɾɪˈdʒiðɐ xɪnˈxaʃʊj pʊˈʁanɪ ˈxɾudʒɪ


All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
(Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

If you have any questions about the Demano script or the Deboca language, you can contact Daniel at

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