The Hanawan script, meticulously crafted by Geerte Kepa, represents a distinctive writing system deeply embedded in the spiritual and linguistic fabric of The Gatekeeper's Ladder, a book and a gateway to a deeper, more enlightened existence, apparently. This script is pivotal in articulating the nuances of the Hanawan language, which is central to the sacred rites of the Gatekeeper's Consolamentum ceremony.

The script is inspired by and based on the Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics, evident in its visual style and structural principles. It includes specific markers to denote tense, mood, and aspect, essential for conveying nuanced meanings in spiritual and ritualistic contexts

Notable features

Hanawan alphabet

Download an alphabet chart for Hanawan (Excel)
Download a font for Hanawan

Sample text

Sample text in Hanawan


1 Use the 62 syllables of Hanawan with reverence and gratitude.
62 Never speak Hanawan conversationally. Always write in a syllabic meter.
(The first and final rules of the Baca Nodima or Complete Rules of Grammar.)


Information about the Hanawan language and Geerte Kepa

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