Zhlachgavni-Iulji alphabet


The Zhlachgavni-Iulji alphabet was invented by Nicolae Iulian Gogu to write his constructed language, Iulji (Іульџі). The Iulji language is written in two scripts, the Cyrillic-Iulji Script which is mostly used in formal messages, documents and on computers. The second alphabet, the Zhlachgavni-Iulji alphabet is mostly used for informal messages, artistic purposes, signs and documents written by hand.

Most of the letters in the Zhlachgavni-Iulji alphabet have vertical lines. A set of dots are used as diacritics to differentiate similar sounds. To learn Iulji properly, the learner must know both Cyrillic-Iulji and Zhlachgavni-Iulji alphabets.

Notable features

Zhlachgavni-Iulji alphabet

Zhlachgavni-Iulji alphabet

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Download an alphabet chart for Zhlachgavni-Iulji (Excel)


Sample text

Sample text in the Zhlachgavni-Iulji alphabet

Transliteration (Cyrillic-Iulji alphabet)

Ткәл зі, јестемніау ткәл ќергәш фе ле злельәм. Ле ќергәш јестемніау екстра ксәршемні. Ялел ксәмніау қәл ле карәт'і. Уз, ле карәт'і јестемніау деплельумі. Ялел јестемніау ҳәзән. Ялел нәқ юрәфніау чі репәрнәльініау етә. Ялел ксәмніау зерәмніау ле злельәм. Баад ткәл ќөәм қельетәр, ялел арбеденіау альтре злельәм. Ле злельәм ксәмніау куѕр карәт'і. Ле ќергәш јестемніау екстра ксәршемні.

Transliteration (Latin alphabet)

Tkɔl zi, jɛstɛmniɑu tkɔl χɛʀgɔʃ fɛ lɛ zlɛˡɔm. Lɛ χɛʀgɔʃ jɛstɛmniɑu ekstʀɑ ksɔʀʃemni. Jɑlɛl ksɔmniɑu qɔl lɛ kɑʀɔtˈi. Uz, lɛ kɑʀɔtˈi jɛstɛmniɑu dɛplɛˡumi. Jɑlɛl jɛstɛmniɑu ħɔzɔn. Jɑlɛl nɔq jɔrɔfniɑu ʧi ʀɛpɔrnɔˡiniɑu ɛtɔ. Jɑlɛl ksɔmniɑu zɛʀɔmniɑu lɛ zlɛˡɔm. Bɑɑd tkɔl χœɔm qɛˡɛtɔr, jɑlɛl ɑʀbɛdɛniɑu ɑˡtʀɛ zlɛˡɔm. Lɛ zlɛˡɔm ksɔmniɑu kudzʀ kɑʀɔtˈi. Lɛ χɛʀgɔʃ jɛstɛmniɑu ekstʀɑ ksɔʀʃɛmni.

Hear a recording of the sample text


One day, there was a rabbit on the field. The rabbit was very happy. He had all the carrots. But, the carrots were running out. He was sad. He didn't know how to fix this. He had to leave the field. After one long trip, he arrived at another field. The field had many carrots. The rabbit was very happy.

Zhlachgavni Iulji Phrases (PDF)

Download fonts for Zhlachgavni-Iulji - also available from: https://fontstruct.com/fontstructions/show/1857298/zhlachgavni-iulji-alphabet-3

Information about the Iulji language

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