What's the best way to learn Spanish?

by José Sanchez

For all people who like to open up and extend their horizons by learning a new language, for work purposes, travel purposes or simply to get know a different culture visiting Peru is the best choice to do so. This time each year more and more people want to learn Spanish and experience the vivid culture and customs of Latin America.

Spanish is the third most spoken language of the world after English and Chinese and the number of Spanish-speakers is increasing. Today you can learn Spanish with the help of all kinds of media like books, magazines, CDs and through the internet but to learn a language in the most efficient manner (fast and easy) is to visit the country where it is spoken.

There are a lot of different approaches to study languages and it is crucial besides studying to use your vocabularies and grammar on a day to day basis. This is only achievable by getting in touch with the local population who speak Spanish as a mother tongue. Nowadays the majority of language travelers who travel to Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador or Peru want to learn and improve their Spanish by getting in touch with locals.

For sure Mexico and Spain are the most popular destinations so far but there are various recommendable alternatives, among others Peru is probably the best choice. This country has a unique history and cultural heritage, like Machupicchu, from the Inkas realm. Moreover there is the ancient culture of the Nazca or the natural habitat of Titicaca Lake. These places can't be compared with any other sites around the world. Machupicchu even accounts for one of the new 7 World Wonders according to a recent survey. Cusco is like an island in the Andes Mountains and the people are very friendly and show a great hospitality. Every year people from all over the world visit this place because of its history and clean Spanish pronunciation which you can't find anywhere else. That is why most of CNN Latin America speakers are recruited from Peru.

The best you can do if want learn Spanish as much as possible is practice but also you may attend to Spanish courses, in Cusco one good choice is Wiracocha Spanish School that offers courses for Beginners to Experts, Special Programs and voluntary work. Also have to offer home stay with Peruvian families or accommodation in individual apartments to make our visitors feel like home.

As it is said that only by practice you will become a master, it is also clear that the more you get in contact with locals and travel to places like Cusco better your Spanish will be and the more you will appreciate learning this world language.


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