Why choose Argentina to learn Spanish

by Becky Hayes of Expanish Spanish School

Over the past 10 years Argentina has become an increasingly popular country to learn Spanish. Despite being 13 or more hours away from continental Europe, (slightly less from the U.S), Argentina, and in particular the capital city of Buenos Aires has seen a huge growth of tourists from all walks of life descending on the country. The boom began in 2002, a year or so after Argentina's economic crash in 2001 when travelers flocked to the country to take advantage of cheap living costs. But with inflation having leveled things out, what is it about Argentina that makes it such a popular travel destination for those looking for great Spanish courses? One of the best Spanish schools in Argentina, Expanish Spanish School, offers its thoughts.

A window into the world Latin America

Despite its modern, European feel, there's no denying that Argentina is still very much a Latin American country, and provides an intriguing, fascinating and stunning cultural backdrop to students wanting an authentic Spanish studying experience. In comparison with studying in Spain, Argentina is certain to throw up some unexpected and memorable experiences along the way and offer an insight into a totally different culture. Many of the Buenos Aires Spanish schools offer immersion programs to help students experience the real Argentina. As with much of Latin America, Argentina has its economic and social problems. For students wanting to offer their time to help some of the poorer communities in South America, a select few of the Spanish language Schools provide volunteering opportunities.

Developed infrastructure

Argentina has relatively a developed infrastructure in comparison to its Latin American neighbors. Many tourists are shocked at the European characteristics of some of the country's major cities, namely Cordoba and Buenos Aires. The transport system includes BA's SubT system, some of the best national bus services you'll find anywhere in the world, plus trains, airports in every province. In addition the shops, restaurants and public areas are of world class standards. All of these factors combine to make Argentina one of the most traveler friendly countries to visit in the whole of Latin America.

Some great websites exist to help travelers find their way around:


Despite its problems with poverty, in comparison with some of its neighbours, Argentina remains one of the safer Latin American countries. With a police actively patrolling areas, especially touristy locales. While most people leave Argentina with all their valuables and happiness in tact, it is important, like in any country, to be vigilant at all times.

Great food

Famous for fantastic carbon grill succulent steaks and authentic Italian food. Argentina is a meat and red wine lover's dream. But venture away from the usual steak and Malbec combination and tourists are constantly surprised by the advanced cuisine available to lovers of all foods. AND even vegetarians! So Spanish language learners can practice their Spanish food translations for real! Anyone for morrones and berenjenas?

Modern schools

It's extremely important, and not always easy to choose a good, reputable Spanish School, that is going to provide you with a fun, welcoming and high quality language learning experience. In comparison with other Latin American countries Argentina is known for offering high quality teaching at reasonable prices. Expanish is one of the most reputable of schools based in Buenos Aires, and offers its students a range of international standard courses in the centre of Buenos Aires.

Welcoming people

Argentine's are known for their love of football, steak and from time to time, a little arrogance. But really, the arrogance is just a cover for friendly, warm and passion. Argentine's tend to greet new Spanish learners with supportive words such as 'hablas Español muy bien!!' and appreciate anyone who gives the language a try. It's an extremely sociable country and a great place to get in a Spanish practice conversation, anywhere and everywhere. From a bus queue to a bar.


Argentina has it all, great lakes, snowy mountains, glaciers, wild west scenery, beaches, pampas plains, deserts and salt flats. It's a country of extremes and beauty. So for a Spanish language learner wanting to experience some of the most impressive landscapes in the world, in their spare time, Argentina offers it all. http://www.lonelyplanet.com/argentina

Buenos Aires

One of the world's top destination cities. Buenos Aires, Argentina's capital city is known for Tango shows, parillas, the obelisk, Evita and Casa Rosada but there's much more to the city than meets the immediate visitors eye. With art shows, graffiti tours, underground milongas, old school cafes, outdoor cinemas and nightclubs, Buenos Aires needs at least 3 weeks of a visitors time to get under it's skin. Which is why learning Spanish is a great excuse to stay longer!

For more information on courses in Argentina visit www.expanish.com

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