Colour words in Marathi

Words for colours in Marathi and some colour-related expressions.

black काळा (kāḷā), कृष्ण (kr̥aṣṇa) - black, dark

white पांढऱा (pāndhara) - white

red लाल (lāla) - red

yellow पिवळा (pivaḷā) - yellow

green हिरवा (hiravā) - green

blue निळा (niḷā) - blue

Shades of blue

  • आकाशी (ākāśā) - sky blue

brown तपकिरी (tapakirī) = brown

pink गुलाबी (gulābī) - pink

orange कॆशरी (kessri) - orange

grey राखाडी (rākhāḍī) - grey

purple जांभळा (jāmbhaḷā) - purple

silver चंदेरी (caṅderī) - silver

Other colours

  • सोन॓री (sīnerī) - gold
  • भगवा केशरी (bhagavā kesharī) - saffron
  • हस्तिदंती (hastidaṅtī) - ivory
  • जांभळा (jāṅbhalā) - violet
  • पारवा (pāravā) - indigo


Information about Marathi colours

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