Family words in Lao

Words for family members and other relatives in Lao (ພາສາລາວ), a Tai-Kadai language spoken mainly in Laos, and also in Cambodia and Vietnam.

Note: frm = formal, polite - can be used when talking about someone else’s relatives. inf = informal - used for your own relatives.

family ຄອບຄົວ [kʰɔ̑ːp kʰúaː]
parents ພໍ່ແມ່ [pʰɔ̄ː mɛ̄ː]
father ພໍ່ແມ່ [pʰɔ̄ː]
mother ແມ່ [mɛ̄ː]
child(ren) ลูก [dék]
son ລູກຊາຍ plûːk sáːi]
daughter ລູກສາວ [lûːk sӑːo]
husband ຜົວ [pʰŭaː]
wife ເມຍ [miːə]
sibling ອ້າຍນ້ອງ [Ɂâːi nɔ̂ːŋ]
brother ອ້າຍ [Ɂâːi] - older
ນ້ອງຊາຍ (nɔ̂ːŋ sáːi) - younger
sister ເອື້ອຍ [Ɂɨ̂ai] - older
ນ້ອງສາວ (nɔ̂ːŋ sӑːo) - younger
uncle ລຸງ [lúŋ] - father’s older brother
ອາວ [Ɂàː] - father’s younger brother
ມາຕຸລະ (máː tú lā) - mother’s older brother
ນ້າ (nȃː) - mother’s younger sibling
aunt ປ້າ [pâː] - parent’s older sister
ປິຕຸດສາ [pí tút sǎː] - parent’s older sister
ອາ [aː/ʔàː] - father’s younger sister
ລົວ [lúaː] - mother’s older sister
ນ້າ [nȃː] - mother’s younger sibling
cousin ລູກພີ່ລູກນ້ອງ [lûːk pʰīː lûːk nɔ̂ːŋ]
ລູກອ້າຍລູກນ້ອງ [lûːk Ɂâːi lûːk nɔ̂ːŋ]
nephew ນັດດາ [nāt daː]
ພາຕິຍະ (pʰáː tí ɲā) - brother’s son
niece ຫລານສາວ [lǎːn sǎːu]
grandparents ພໍ່ປູ່ແມ່ຍ່າ [pʰɔ̄ː pūː mɛ̄ː ɲā] - paternal
ພໍ່ເຖົ້າແມ່ເຖົ້າ [pʰɔ̄ː tʰȁu mɛ̄ː tʰȁu] - maternal
grandfather ປູ່ [pūː] - father’s father
ຕາ [tàː] - mother’s father
grandmother ຍ່າ [ɲā] - father’s mother
ຍາຍ [ɲáːi] - mother’s mother
grandson ນັດດາ [nāt daː]
ຫລານຊາຍ [lăːn sáːi]
granddaughter ຫລານສາວ [lǎːn sǎːu]

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