Family words in Proto-Indo-European

Words for family members and other relatives in Proto-Indo-European, the reconstructed ancestor of many of the languages spoken in Europe, and parts of western and southern Asia.

English Proto-Indo-European
family gentis / wenjā
parent gentṓr / gentrīks
mother méh₂tēr / ammā
father ph₂tḗr / átta
child pūpos / putlom
son suh₁nús / suh₃nús
daughter dʰugh₂tḗr
husband pótis (husband, master, ruler)
wiHrós (man, husband, warrior, hero)
wife sṃloghós / uksōr
brother bʰréh₂tēr
sister swésōr
uncle h₂éwh₂os / áwontlos / p∂trujós
aunt ámetā / mātérterā
cousin jentēr
nephew (h₂)népōts (possibly)
niece néptih₂
grandfather h₂éwh₂os / awos / dhēdhjos
grandmother anus / áwijā
grandson (h₂)népōts
granddaughter néptih₂
father-in-law swéḱuros
mother-in-law sweḱrúh₂
brother-in-law dayh₂wḗr
sister-in-law ǵh₂lōws
co-sister-in-law h₁yenh₂tēr
son-in-law gemros
daugher-in-law snusós


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