Eskayan numbers

How to count in Eskayan, a language isolate spoken on Bohol Island in the Philippines.

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Numeral Cardinal numbers
1 Oy
2 Tre
3 Coy
4 Pan
5 Sing
6 Nom
7 Pen
8 Wal
9 Sim
10 Pon
11 Pon oy
20 Kaw
30 Krat
40 Panse
50 Singpe
60 Nompe
70 Sit
80 Os
90 Nor
100 Oytos
101 Oytos oy
200 Kawton
300 Kraton
400 Panton
500 Sington
600 Nomton
700 Penton
800 Walton
900 Simton
1000 Oy man


More information about Eskayan numbers (PDF)

Information compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

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