Warao numbers

How to count in Warao, a language isolate spoken in Delta Amacuro, Monagas and Sucre states of Venezuela.

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Numeral Cardinal
1 isaka
2 manamo [(fingers) coming from a pair]
3 dihanamo [(fingers) coming from a bunch]
4 orabakaya [(all of the fingers) having the property of being unlevelled]
5 moho basi [hand flat, the extended hand]
6 moho matana isaka [hand counterpart one]
7 moho matana manamo [hand counterpart two]
8 moho matana rihanamo [hand counterpart three]
9 moho matana orabakaya [hand counterpart four]
10 moho reko [both hands]
11 mohoreko arai isaka [both hands over one (one finger over the fingers of both hands)]
12 mohoreko arai manamo
13 mohoreko arai dihanamo
14 mohoreko arai orabakaya
15 mohoreko arai mohobasi [both hands over extended hand (the ten fingers of both hands over the five fingers of another hand)]
16 mohoreko arai moho matana isaka [both hands over hand counterpart one]
17 mohoreko arai moho matana manamo
18 mohoreko arai moho matana dihanamo
19 mohoreko arai moho matana orabakaya
20 warao isaka [one Warao with all his fingers and toes ]
21 warao isaka arai isaka
22 warao isaka arai manamo
23 warao isaka arai dihanamo
24 warao isaka arai orabakaya
25 warao isaka arai mohobasi
26 warao isaka arai moho matana isaka
27 warao isaka arai moho matana manamo
28 warao isaka arai moho matana rihanamo
29 warao isaka arai moho matana orabakaya
30 warao isaka arai mohoreko [one Warao over both hands]
40 warao manamo [two Warao]
50 warao manamo arai mohoreko
60 warao rihanamo [three Warao]
70 warao rihanamo arai mohoreko
80 warao orabakaya [four Warao]
90 warao orabakaya arai mohoreko
100 warao mohobasi [five Warao]

Source: Andrés Romero-Figeroa. A Reference Grammar of Warao, Lincom, München 1993.

Compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

Information about Warao

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