Basque numbers

How to count in Basque (euskara), a language with no known relatives spoken in northern Spain and southern France.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
0 zero, hutsa  
1 bat lehena
2 bi bigarrena
3 hiru hirugarrena
4 lau laugarrena
5 bost bostgarrena
6 sei seigarrena
7 zazpi zazpigarrena
8 zortzi zortzigarrena
9 bederatzi bederatzigarrena
10 hamar amargarrena
11 hamaika  
12 hamabi  
13 hamahiru  
14 hamalau  
15 hamabost  
16 hamasei  
17 hamazazpi  
18 hamazortzi  
19 hemeretzi  
20 hogei  
21 hogeita bat  
22 hogeita bi  
23 hogeita hiru  
24 hogeita lau  
25 hogeita bost  
26 hogeita sei  
27 hogeita zazpi  
28 hogeita zortzi  
29 hogeita bederatzi  
30 hogeita hamar  
31 hogeita hamaika  
32 hogeita hamabi  
33 hogeita hamahiru  
34 hogeita hamalau  
35 hogeita hamabost  
36 hogeita hamasei  
37 hogeita hamazazpi  
38 hogeita hamazortzi  
39 hogeita hemeretzi  
40 berrogei  
41 berrogeita bat  
42 berrogeita bi  
50 berrogeita hamar  
51 berrogeita hamaika  
52 berrogeita hamabi  
60 hirurogei  
61 hirurogeita bat  
70 hirurogeita hamar  
71 hirurogeita hamaika  
80 laurogei  
81 laurogeita bat  
90 laurogeita hamar  
91 laurogeita hamaika  
100 ehun  
101 ehun eta bat  
122 ehun eta hogeita bi  
200 berrehun  
300 hirurehun  
400 laurehun  
500 bostehun  
600 seiehun  
700 zazpiehun  
800 zortziehun  
900 bederatziehun  
1,000 mila  
1,100 mila eta ehun  
2,000 bi mila  
3,000 hiru mila  
4,000 lau mila  
5,000 bost mila  
6,000 sei mila  
7,000 zazpi mila  
8,000 zortzi mila  
9,000 bederatzi mila  
10,000 hamar mila  
100,000 ehun mila  
1,000,000 milioi bat  
1,000,000,000 bat miliar  

Hear some Basque numbers:

Note that ordinal numbers are formed by adding -garrena, except lehena (first).

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- A Brief Grammar of Euskara. Euskal Herriko Unibersitatea. University of the Basque Country, 1996.

Information provided by Wolfgang Kuhl

More information about counting in Basque

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