Numbers in Kabyle

Information about counting in Kabyle (Taqbaylit), a Berber language spoken mainly in Kabylie in northern Algeria.

Note: there are native forms of some numbers, and versions borrowed from Arabic. The ones borrowed from Arabic are shown second.

Key to abbreviations: m = masculine, f = feminine, sg = singular, pl = plural

If any of the numbers are links, you can hear a recording by clicking on them. If you can provide recordings, please contact me.

Numeral Cardinal numbers Ordinal numbers
0 ilem
1 yiwen / ⵢⴰⵏ [yiwən] (m)
yiwet [ʎiwət] (f)
amezwaru (m/sg)
tamezwarut (f/sg)
imezwura (m/pl)
timezwura (f/pl)
2 sin / ⵙⵉⵏ [si:n] (m)
snat [snʌθ] (f)
wis sin (m)
tis snat (f)
3 kraḍ / ⴽⵕⴰⴹ [kraɮ]
tlata [θlaθa]
wis kṛaḍ (m)
tis kṛaḍ (f)
4 kuẓ / ⴽⴽⵓⵣ [kuʣ]
rebɛa [r(ˤ)əbʕa]
wis ukuz (m)
tis ukuz (f)
5 semmus / ⵙⵎⵎⵓⵙ [səmmus]
xemsa [χəmsɐ]
wis semmus (m)
tis semmus (f)
6 sḍis / ⵚⴹⵉⵚ [sɮis]
setta [sɜt͡sɐ]
wis ṣeḍḍiṣ (m)
tis ṣeḍḍiṣ (f)
7 sa / ⵙⴰ [sa]
sebɛa [səbʕa]
wis ṣa (m)
tis ṣa (f)
8 tam / ⵜⴰⵎ [tam]
tmanya [θmaɲa]
wis tam (m)
tis tam (f)
9 tẓa / ⵜⵥⴰ [tzˤa]
tesɛa [təsʕa]
wis tẓa (m)
tis tẓa (f)
10 mraw / ⵎⵔⴰⵡ [mraw]
ɛacrin [ʕaʃrin]
wis mraw (m)
tis mraw (f)
11 yan-asakmraw [yan-asakmraw]
12 yina-sakmraw [yina-sakmraw]
13 yikraḍ-asakmraw [yikraɮ-asakmraw]
14 yikuẓ-asakmraw [yikuʣ-asakmraw]
15 yismmus-asakmraw [yismmus-asakmraw]
16 yisḍis-asakmraw [yisɮis-asakmraw]
17 yisa-asakmraw [yisa-asakmraw]
18 yitam-asakmraw [yitam-asakmraw]
19 yitrinzi-asakmraw [yitrinzi-asakmraw]
20 sin-mraw [si:n-mraw]
21 waḥed u εecrin
22 tnayn u εecrin
23 tlata u εecrin
24 ṛebεa u εecrin
25 xemsa u εecrin
26 setta u εecrin
27 sebεa u εecrin
28 tmanya u εecrin
29 tesεa u εecrin
30 kraḍ-mraw [kraɮ-mraw]
40 kuẓ-mraw [kuʣ-mraw]
50 semmus-mraw [səmmus-mraw]
60 sḍis-mraw [sɮis-mraw]
70 sa-mraw [sa-mraw]
80 tam-mraw [tam-mraw]
90 trinzi-mraw [trinzi-mraw]
100 temya [temya], miyya
1,000 elf [ɛlf], aləf
10,000 edmiyya [edmiyya]
1,000,000 melyun [məlyun]

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