Khiamniungan numbers

How to count in Khiamniungan, a variety of Tangsa, a Brahmaputran language spoken in Nagaland in northeast India, and in northwestern Burma (Myanmar).

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
0 akeng, waioli  
1 tsak ayateng nai
2 nimeh mücham nai
3 sümeh samcham nai
4 püle püle nai
5 pungo  
6 lok  
7 chinyat  
8 püchei  
9 lükao  
10 chhe  
11 chhekütsak  
12 chhekünime  
13 chheküsümeh  
14 chheküpüle  
15 chheküpungo  
16 chhekülok  
17 chheküchenyat  
18 chheküpüchei  
19 chhekülükao  
20 eknimeh  
30 aosam  
40 aopüle  
50 aopungo  
60 aolok  
70 aochinyat  
80 aopüchei  
90 aolükao  
100 tsomtsak  
120 tsomtsakkhi  
200 tsomnimeh  
300 tsomsümeh  
400 tsompüle  
500 tsompungo  
600 tsomlok  
700 tsomchinyat  
800 tsompüchei  
900 tsomlükao  
1,000 tsoom  
100,000 (lakh) tsoom chhe  
ten million (crore) lakh chhe  
once tsakcham  
twice nimeh cham  
thrice sümeh cham  
four times püle cham  
1/4 achanpüle no tsak  
3/4 achan sümeh  
1/2 apai  

Source: Kumāra, Braja Bihārī. हिन्दी-खियमङ्न अंग्रेजी शब्द-सूची = Hindi Khiamngan English vocabulary. Hindī-Khiyamaṅna Aṅgrejī śabda-sūcī. कोहिमा : नागालैण्ड भाषा परिषद, 1974. Kohimā : Nāgālaiṇḍa Bhāshā Parishada, 1974.

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Khiamniungan numbers | Tower of Babel

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