Phom numbers

How to count in Phom, a variety of Phom, a member of the Brahmaputran branch of the Sino-Tibetan language family spoken in Nagaland in northeastern India.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
0 kong  
1 hük, hɨk Šɔŋpa
2 nyi, ɲi ɲipǝpǝ
3 chem, cʌm chembapü, cʌmpǝpǝ
4 ali, ǝli alipapü, ǝlipǝpǝ
5 nga, ŋa ŋapǝpǝ
6 vok, wɔk vokpabü, wɔkpǝpǝ
7 nyet, ɲʌt ɲʌtpǝpǝ
8 shet, Šʌt Šʌtpǝpǝ
9 shü, Šɯ Šɯpǝpǝ
10 an, ʌn ʌnpǝpǝ
11 anbü hük, ʌnpɯhɨk  
12 anbü nyi, ʌnpɯɲi  
13 anbü chem, ʌnpɯcʌm  
14 anbü ali, ʌnpɯǝli  
15 anbü nga, ʌnpɯŋa  
16 anbü vok, ʌnpɯwɔk  
17 anbü nyet, ʌnpɯɲʌt  
18 anbü shet, ʌnpɯŠʌt  
19 anbü shü, ʌnpɯŠɯ  
20 kokha, kokha  
21 habü hük, hapɯhɨk  
22 habü nyi, hapɯɲi  
23 habü chem, hapɯcʌm  
24 habü ali, hapɯǝli  
25 habü nga, hapɯŋa  
26 habü vok, hapɯwɔk  
27 habü nyet, hapɯɲʌt  
28 habü shet, hapɯŠʌt  
29 habü shü, hapɯŠɯ  
30 habüan, hapɯʌn  
31 habüanbü hük, hapɯʌnpɯhɨk  
32 habüanbü nyi, hapɯʌnpɯɲi  
33 habüanbü chem, hapɯʌnpɯcʌm  
34 habüanbü ali, hapɯʌnpɯǝli  
35 habüanbü nga, hapɯʌnpɯŋa  
36 habüanbü vok, hapɯʌnpɯwɔk  
37 habüanbü nyet, hapɯʌnpɯɲʌt  
38 habüanbü shet, hapɯʌnpɯŠʌt  
39 habüanbü shü, hapɯʌnpɯŠɯ  
40 bennyi, pɨɲɯ  
41 bennyibü hük, pɨɲɯpɯhɨk  
42 bennyibü nyi, pɨɲɯpɯɲi  
43 bennyibü chem, pɨɲɯpɯcʌm  
44 bennyibü ali, pɨɲɯpɯǝli  
45 bennyibü nga, pɨɲɯpɯŋa  
46 bennyibü vok, pɨɲɯpɯwɔk  
47 bennyibü nyet, pɨɲɯpɯɲʌt  
48 bennyibü shet, pɨɲɯpɯŠʌt  
49 bennyibü shü, pɨɲɯpɯŠɯ  
50 bennyibü an, pɨɲɯpɯʌn  
51 bennyibü anbü hük, pɨɲɯpɯʌnpɯhɨk  
52 bennyibü anbü yi, pɨɲɯpɯʌnpɯɲi  
53 bennyibü anbü chem, pɨɲɯpɯʌnpɯcʌm  
54 bennyibü anbü ali, pɨɲɯpɯʌnpɯǝli  
55 bennyibü anbü nga, pɨɲɯpɯʌnpɯŋa  
56 bennyibü anbü vok, pɨɲɯpɯʌnpɯwɔk  
57 bennyibü anbü nyet, pɨɲɯpɯʌnpɯɲʌt  
58 bennyibü anbü shet, pɨɲɯpɯʌnpɯŠʌt  
59 bennyibü anbü shü, pɨɲɯpɯʌnpɯŠɯ  
60 bechem, pɨcʌm  
61 bechembü hük, pɨcʌmpɯhɨk  
62 bechembü nyi, pɨcʌmpɯɲi  
63 bechembü chem, pɨcʌmpɯcʌm  
64 bechembü ali, pɨcʌmpɯǝli  
65 bechembü nga, pɨcʌmpɯŋa  
66 bechembü vok, pɨcʌmpɯwɔk  
67 bechembü nyet, pɨcʌmpɯɲʌt  
68 bechembü shet, pɨcʌmpɯŠʌt  
69 bechembü shü, pɨcʌmpɯŠɯ  
70 bechempü an, pɨcʌmpɯʌn  
71 bechempü anpü hük, pɨcʌmpɯʌnpɯhɨk  
72 bechempü anpü nyi, pɨcʌmpɯʌnpɯɲi  
73 bechempü anpü chem, pɨcʌmpɯʌnpɯcʌm  
74 bechempü anpü ali, pɨcʌmpɯʌnpɯǝli  
75 bechempü anpü nga, pɨcʌmpɯʌnpɯŋa  
76 bechempü anpü vok, pɨcʌmpɯʌnpɯwɔk  
77 bechempü anpü nyet, pɨcʌmpɯʌnpɯɲʌt  
78 bechempü anpü shet, pɨcʌmpɯʌnpɯŠʌt  
79 bechempü anpü shü, pɨcʌmpɯʌnpɯŠɯ  
80 büali, piǝli  
81 büalibü hük, pɨǝlipɯhɨk  
82 büalibü nyi, pɨǝlipɯɲi  
83 büalibü chem, pɨǝlipɯcʌm  
84 büalibü ali, pɨǝlipɯǝli  
85 büalibü nga, pɨǝlipɯŋa  
86 büalibü vok, pɨǝlipɯwɔk  
87 büalibü nyet, pɨǝlipɯɲʌt  
88 büalibü shet, pɨǝlipɯŠʌt  
89 büalibü shü, pɨǝlipɯŠɯ  
90 büalibü an, pɨǝlipɯʌn  
91 büalibü anpü hük, pɨǝlipɯʌnpɯhɨk  
92 büalibü anpü nyi, pɨǝlipɯʌnpɯŋi  
93 büalibü anpü chem, pɨǝlipɯʌnpɯcʌm  
94 büalibü anpü ali, pɨǝlipɯʌnpɯǝli  
95 büalibü anpü nga, pɨǝlipɯʌnpɯŋa  
96 büalibü anpü vok, pɨǝlipɯʌnpɯwɔk  
97 büalibü anpü nyet, pɨǝlipɯʌnpɯɲʌt  
98 büalibü anpü shet, pɨǝlipɯʌnpɯŠat  
99 büalibü anpü shü, pɨǝlipɯʌnpɯŠɯ  
100 kho hük, khohɨk  
101 kho hük mü hük, khohɨkmɯhɨk  
111 kho hük mü anbü hük, khohɨkmɯʌnpɯhɨk  
1,000 haja, haca  
100,000 lak  
10,000,000 crore  
million milon  
thousand million milon haja hük  
billion billon hük  
1 1/2 hük müphaoei  
1 1/4 hük mü poa  
1/4 alikü, henponghük  
3/4 alipa henphong küchem  


Information about Phom

Information provided by Wolfgang Kuhl

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