Numbers in Lojban

How to count in Lojban (la .lojban.), a logical constructed language.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
0 no
1 pa pamoi
2 re remoi
3 ci cimoi
4 vo vomoi
5 mu mumoi
6 xa xamoi
7 ze zemoi
8 bi bimoi
9 so somoi
10 pano panomoi
11 papa papamoi
12 pare paremoi
13 paci pacimoi
14 pavo pavomoi
15 pamu pamumoi
16 paxa paxamoi
17 paze pazemoi
18 pabi pabimoi
19 paso pasomoi
20 reno renomoi
21 repa repamoi
22 rere reremoi
23 reci recimoi
24 revo revomoi
25 remu remumoi
26 rexa rexamoi
27 reze rezemoi
28 rebi rebimoi
29 reso resomoi
30 cino cinomoi
40 vono vonomoi
50 muno munomoi
60 xano xanomoi
70 zeno zenomoi
80 bino binomoi
90 sono sonomoi
100 panono panonomoi
1,000 ki'o; paki'o; panonono
10,000 panoki'o; panononono
1,000,000 ki'oki'o

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Lojban numbers provided by Bryn Underhill


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