Numbers in Quenya

How to count in Quenya (Elvish), a language invented by J.R.R. Tolkien and used in his books, including The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
1 minë minya
2 atta attea
3 neldë neldea
4 canta cantea
5 lempë lempea
6 enquë enquea
7 otso otsea
8 tolto toldea
9 nertë nertea
10 cainen quainea
11 minquë  
12 yunquë  
13 nelcëa  
14 cancëa  
15 lencëa  
16 encëa  
17 occëa  
18 tolcëa  
19 nercëa  
20 yucainen  
21 minë yucainen  
22 atta yucainen  
23 neldë yucainen  
24 canta yucainen  
25 lempë yucainen  
26 enquë yucainen  
27 otso yucainen  
28 tolto yucainen  
29 nertë yucainen  
30 nelcainen  
40 cancainen  
50 lemincainen  
60 eneccainen  
70 otsocainen  
80 tolcainen  
90 nercainen  
100 tuxa  
1,000 húmë  
1,000,000 mindóra  


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