Numbers in Laala

How to count in Laala, a constructed language devised by Simon Ager, the creator of Omniglot.

Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
0 naa  
1 alu aludu
2 bulu buludu
3 dulu duludu
4 elu eludu
5 fulu fuludu
6 gulu guludu
7 hulu huludu
8 hlulu hluludu
9 ilu iludu
10 alunaa alunaadu
11 alualu alualudu
12 alubulu alubuludu
13 aludulu aluduludu
14 aluelu alueludu
15 alufulu alufuludu
16 alugulu aluguludu
17 aluhulu aluhuludu
18 aluhlulu aluhluludu
19 aluilu aluiludu
20 bulunaa bulunaadu
21 bulualu bulualudu
22 bulubulu bulubuludu
23 buludulu buluduludu
24 buluelu bulueludu
25 bulufulu bulufuludu
26 bulugulu buluguludu
27 buluhulu buluhuludu
28 buluhlulu buluhluludu
29 buluilu buluiludu
30 dulunaa dulunaadu
40 elunaa elunaadu
50 fulunaa fulunaadu
60 gulunaa gulunaadu
70 hulunaa hulunaadu
80 hlulunaa hlulunaadu
90 ilunaa ilunaadu
100 kulu kuludu
101 alukulualu alukulualudu
1,000 lulu luludu
10,000 alunaalulu alunaaluludu
100,000 kulululu kulululudu
1,000,000 mulu muludu

Hear a recording of the cardinal numbers by Simon Ager

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