Mandan numbers

How to count in Mandan (Nų́ų́ʔetaa íroo), a Siouan language that was spoken in North Dakota in the USA until 2016, and is currently being revived.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
1 ma'xana, maxana ų’tɛ
2 nup, nompah inup
3 na:'mini, nahmeni ina:'mini
4 top, tohpa itop
5 ki'xu, kexu iki'xu
6 ki:'ma, kihma iki:'ma
7 ku:'pa, kuhpa iku:'pa
8 tɛ:'tuki, tettake itɛ:'tuki
9 ma'xpe, maxpe ima'xpe
10 pi'rək, piraq, pidaks ipi'rək
11 a:'ka ma'xana, ahga maxana  
12 a:'ka nup, ahga nompah  
13 a:'ka na:'mini, ahga nahmeni  
14 a:'ka top, ahga tohpa  
15 a:'ka ki'xu, ahga kexu, ag kexu  
16 a:'ka ki:'ma, ag kihma  
17 a:'ka ku:'pa, ag kuhpa  
18 a:'ka tɛ:'tuki, ag tettake  
19 a:'ka ma'xpe, ag maxpe  
20 nupa pi'rək, nompah piraq  
21 nupa pi'rə’kini ma'xana
nompah pirake roh maxana
22 nupa pi'rə’kini nup
nompah pirake roh nompah
23 nupa pi'rə’kini na:'mini
nompah pirake roh nahmeni
24 nupa pi'rə’kini top
nompah pirake roh tohpa
25 nupa pi'rə’kini ki'xu
nompah pirake roh kexu
26 nupa pi'rə’kini ki:'ma
nompah pirake roh kihma
27 nupa pi'rə’kini ku:'pa
nompah pirake roh kuhpa
28 nupa pi'rə’kini tɛ:'tuki
nompah pirake roh tettake
29 nupa pi'rə’kini ma'xpe
nompah pirake roh maxpe
30 na:'miniha pi'rək
nahmeni ampiraq
nahmeni ampirakoc
40 topha pi'rək
tohpe ampiraq
tohpa ampirakoc
50 ki'xuha pi'rək
kexu ampiraq
60 ki:'maha pi'rək
kihma ampiraq
70 ku:'paha pi'rək
kuhpa ampiraq
80 tɛ:'tukiha pi'rək
tettake ampiraq
90 ma'xpeha pi'rək
maxpe ampiraq
100 hį'sukma'xa
ehsuk maxana
101 hį'sukma'xani ma'xana
ehsuk maxana roh maxana
102 ehsuk maxana roh numpoc  
200 ehsuk nompa  
300 ehsuk nahmeni  
400 ehsuk tohpa  
500 ehsuk kexu  
600 ehsuk kihma  
700 ehsuk kuhpa  
800 ehsuk tettake  
900 ehsuk maxpe  
1,000 hį'suk ika’kohi
isukki kakohi
1,001 isukki kakohi roh maxana  
1,100 isukki ahga maxanac  
2,000 isukki kakohi numpoc  
10,000 isukki kakohi pirakoc  
once ma’xa, ranahre maxanac  
twice nupaha, ranahre numpoc  
thrice na:'miniha  

The ordinals are formed by prefixing i- to the cardinal numbers. There is one exception to this; first is ų’tɛ.


Information provided by Wolfgang Kuhl

If you would like to make any corrections or additions to this page, or if you can provide recordings, please contact me.

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