Osage numbers

How to count in Osage (𐓏𐒰𐓓𐒰𐓓𐒷 / WaΕΎΓ‘ΕΎe), a Western Siouan language spoken in Oklahoma in the USA.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
1 π“π’»Ν˜ (wΔ―), π“π’»Ν˜π“π“Šπ’» (wΔ―xci) π“„π’°π’Ήπ’°Ν˜π’Ώπ’· (pahΔ…le)
2 π“π“‚Ν˜π“„π’° (Γ°Η«pa)
3 π“π’°π’΄π’»Ν˜ (Γ°abrΔ―)
4 π“ˆπ“‚π“„π’° (dopa)
5 π“†π’°π“ˆπ’°Ν˜ (satΔ…)
6 𐓇𐒰𐓄𐒷 (Ε‘ape)
7 π“„π’·π“π“‚Ν˜π“„π’° (peΓ°Η«pa)
8 π’Όπ’»π’·π“ˆπ“‚π“„π’° (kiatopa)
9 π’Ώπ’·π’΄π’°Ν˜ π“Šπ’· π“π’»Ν˜π’Όπ’· (lebrΔ… ce wΔ―ke)
10 π’Ώπ’·π’΄π’°Ν˜ (lebrΔ…)
20 π’Ώπ’·π’΄π’°Ν˜ π“π“‚Ν˜π“„π’° (lebrΔ… Γ°Η«pa)
30 π’Ώπ’·π’΄π’°Ν˜ π“π’°π’΄π’»Ν˜ (lebrΔ… Γ°abrΔ―)
40 π’Ώπ’·π’΄π’°Ν˜ π“ˆπ“‚π“„π’° (lebrΔ… dopa)
50 π’Ώπ’·π’΄π’°Ν˜ π“†π’°π“ˆπ’°Ν˜ (lebrΔ… satΔ…)
60 π’Ώπ’·π’΄π’°Ν˜ 𐓇𐒰𐓄𐒷 (lebrΔ… Ε‘ape)
70 π’Ώπ’·π’΄π’°Ν˜ π“„π’·π“π“‚Ν˜π“„π’° (lebrΔ… peΓ°Η«pa)
80 π’Ώπ’·π’΄π’°Ν˜ π’Όπ’»π’·π“ˆπ“‚π“„π’° (lebrΔ… kiatopa)
90 π’Ώπ’·π’΄π’°Ν˜ π’Ώπ’·π’΄π’°Ν˜ π“Šπ’· π“π’»Ν˜π’Όπ’· (lebrΔ… lebrΔ… ce wΔ―ke)
100 π’Ώπ’·π’΄π’°Ν˜ π’Ήπ“Žπ““π’»Ν˜ (lebrΔ… huzΔ―)
1,000 π““π’°Ν˜π’Όπ“‚π’Όπ’· (ΕΎΔ…koke)


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