Numbers in Nahuatl

Information about counting in Nahuatl (nāhuatl / nawatlahtolli), an Uto-Aztecan language spoken mainly in central Mexico.

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Numeral Cardinal
0 ahtle
1 ce
2 ome
3 yei
4 nahui
5 macuilli
6 chicuace
7 chicome
8 chicuei
9 chiconahui
10 mahtlactli
11 mahtlactli once
12 mahtlactli omome
13 mahtlactli omei
14 mahtlactli onnahui
15 caxtolli
16 caxtolli once
17 caxtolli omome
18 caxtolli omei
19 caxtolli onnahui
20 cempohualli
21 cempohualli once
22 cempohualli omome
23 cempohualli omei
24 cempohualli onnahui
25 cempohualli ommacuilli
26 cempohualli on chicuace
27 cempohualli on chicome
28 cempohualli on chicuei
29 cempohualli on chiconahui
30 cempohualli ommahtlactli
31 cempohualli ommahtlactli
32 cempohualli ommahtlactli
33 cempohualli ommahtlactli
34 cempohualli ommahtlactli
35 cempohualli oncaxtolli
36 cempohualli oncaxtolli once
37 cempohualli oncaxtolli omome
38 cempohualli oncaxtolli omei
39 cempohualli oncaxtolli onnahui
40 ompohualli
41 ompohualli once
42 ompohualli omome
43 ompohualli omei
44 ompohualli onnahui
45 ompohualli ommacuilli
46 ompohualli on chicuace
47 ompohualli on chicome
48 ompohualli on chicueyi
49 ompohualli on chicnahui
50 ompohualli ommatlactli
60 yeipohualli
70 yeipohualli ommatlactli
75 yeipohualli oncaxtolli
80 nauhpohualli
90 nauhpohualli ommatlactli
95 nauhpohualli oncaxtolli
100 macuilpohualli
110 macuilpohualli ommatlactli
115 macuilpohualli oncaxtolli
120 chicuacempohualli
130 chicuacempohualli ommatlactli
135 chicuacempohualli oncaxtolli
140 chicompohualli
150 chicompohualli ommatlactli
155 chicompohualli oncaxtolli
160 chicueyimpohualli
170 chicueyimpohualli ommatlactli
175 chicueyimpohualli oncaxtolli
180 chicnahuimpohualli
190 chicnahuimpohualli ommatlactli
195 chicnahuimpohualli oncaxtolli
200 matlacpohualli
250 matlacompohualli ommatlactli
300 caxtolpohualli
350 caxtollompohualli ommatlactli
400 centzontli
450 centzontli ompohualli ommatlactli
500 centzontli ommacuilpohualli
600 centzontli on matlacpohualli
700 centzontli on caxtolpohualli
799 centzontli on caxtolnahuimpohualli on caxtolnahui
800 ometzontli
900 ometzontli on macuilpohualli
999 ometzontli on chicnahuimpohualli on caxtolnahui
1000 ometzontli on matlacpohualli

Ordinal numbers are formed with ic, e.g. ic ce = 1st, ic ome = 2nd, ic yei = third, and so on.

Download an spreadsheet including these Nahuatl numbers - also includes the alphabet and phrases

Information compiled by Pierre Sánchez

Hear some Nahuatl numbers

If you would like to make any corrections or additions to this page, or if you can provide recordings, please contact me.


Information about numbers in Nahuatl

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