Phom is a member of the Konyak branch of the Sal or Brahmaputran group of Sino-Tibetan languages. It is spoken by about 54,000 people mainly in Longleng District in the north of Nagaland in the northeast of India, and in neighbouring districts.

Phom is also known as Phom shah. Dialects include Namsang, Tamlu, Yachum, Huphang, Yongya and Yong Pheng. It is written with the Latin script.

Phom alphabet and pronunciation

Phom alphabet and pronunciation

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Sample text

O shang meya, obü yingnyüshang meya
Meihongnyüi bühpü nyühük bajaha
Yingnyü Apaihong vannyaü pü agpeih
Jaidem naühan pangpao yingnyü shangma pang


O at mountain, our ancestors were at mount Yingnyüshang
Humankind are all brothers and sisters born of Meihongnyüi
Music tree was felled at Yingnyü Apaihong
Social custom among brethren were shared at mount Yingnyüshang

Source: A descriptive study of Phom language. Bano, Atiqua (2008)

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Information about Phom | Numbers


Information about Phom
Phom Phonology And Word List

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