Rejang numbers

How to count in Rejang (Baso Hejang / ꤽꥍꤺꥏ), a Bornean language spoken in Sumatra in Indonesian.

Key to abbreviations: LB = Lebong dialect (ꤾꥍꤷꥋꥏ), CP = Curup dialect (ꤸꥈꤼꥆꥇ), KP = Kepahiang dialect (ꤰꥍꤶꥆꥁꥇꥆꥏ), UT = Utara dialect. Numbers without dialect labels are the same in all dialects.

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Numeral Cardinal
0 kosong (LB)
nol (CP/KP/UT)
1 (ꤰ) do / dəlai (LB/CP/UT)
do / dikup (KP)
2 (ꤱ) duai (LB)
duəi (CP/UT) dui (KP)
3 (ꤲ) təlau (LB/UT)
tələu (CP/KP)
4 (ꤳ) əpat / pat
5 (ꤴ) ləmo
6 (ꤵ) num
7 (ꤶ) tujuak (LB)
tojoak (CP/UT)
tojoah (KP)
8 (ꤷ) dəlapən
9 (ꤸ) semilan
10 (ꤹ) dəpuluak (LB)
dəpoloak (CP/UT)
dəpoloah (KP)
11 (ꤹꤰ) səblas
12 (ꤹꤱ) duai bəlas (LB)
duəi bəlas (CP/UT)
dui bəlas
13 (ꤹꤲ) təlau bəlas (LB/UT)
tələu bəlas (CP/KP)
19 (ꤹꤸ) seilan bəlas (LB)
semilan bəlas (CP/KP/UT)
20 (ꤺ) duai puluak (LB)
duəi poloak (CP/UT)
dui poloah (KP)
21 (ꤺꤰ) duai puluak satu (LB)
duəi poloak satu (CP/UT)
dui poloah satu (KP)
50 (ꤽ) ləmo puluak (LB)
ləmo poloak (CP/UT)
ləmo poloah (KP)
100 (ꥂ) sotos
200 (ꥃ) duai otos (LB)
duəi otos (CP/UT)
dui otos
1,000 (ꥆꥆ) səribau (LB/UT)
səribeu (CP/KP)
10,000 dəpuluak ribau (LB)
dəpoloak ribəu (CP)
dəpoloah ribəu (KP)
dəpoloak ribau (UT)


Rejang letters can be used to represent Rejang numbers, as shown above. Here is another way the Rejang numbers can be written known as angka bejagung: more details (PDF).

Rejuang numerals

Information about Rejang numbers

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