Urhobo numbers

How to count in Urhobo, a Southwestern Edoid language spoken in southern Nigeria.

If any of the numbers are links, you can hear a recording by clicking on them. If you can provide recordings, please contact me.

Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
1 ọvo rẹ́sosuọ
2 ívẹ rívẹ́
3 érha rérhá
4 ẹ́ne rẹ́né
5 íyorin ríyorin
6 ésan résáa
7 íghwrẹ́ ríghwrẹ́
8 ẹréré rẹ́rére
9 írhirin rírhiri
10 íhwe ríhwé
11 úhwọ́vó
12 íhwívẹ́
13 íhwérhá
14 íhwẹ́né
15 íhwiórí
16 íhwegb ésan
17 íhwegbẹ íghwrẹ́
18 íhwe gbẹ ẹ́nren
19 íhwegbẹ írhirin
20 uje
21 ujegbọvo
22 ujegbivẹ
23 ujegberha
24 ujegbẹne
25 ujegbiyorin
26 ujegbesan
27 ujegbighwrẹ
28 ujegbẹrere
29 ujegbirhirin
30 ọgban
40 ujuvẹ
50 ujuvẹgbihwe
60 ujorha
70 ujorhagbihwe
80 ujọne
90 ujọnegbihwe
100 ujorin
200 uri/ujorin-ivẹ
300 urí ujórin
400 urívẹ
500 urívẹ ujórin
600 uriórha
700 iriórha ujórin
800 uriọ́ne
900 uriọ́ne ujórin
1,000 uriórin

Hear some Urhobo numbers:

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