Mari Lwyd carol

The Mari Lwyd (Y Fari Lwyd) is an old tradition in parts of Wales that involves a group of people dressed in colourful costumes, including one dressed as a horse with a horse's skull, going from house to house and pub to pub. At each place they sing several verses which are answered by those inside with challenges and insults in rhyme, a battle of wits known as a pwnco. At the end of the battle, which can be as long as the creativity of the two parties holds out, the Mari party enters with another song.

This tradition is still practised in Llangynwyd, near Maesteg, and has been revived by members of the Llantrisant Folk Club.

Mari Lwyd carol

Wel dyma ni'n dwad
Gyfeillion diniwad
I ofyn am gennod i ganu

Os na chawn ni gennad
Rhowch wybod ar ganiad
Pa fodd mae'r 'madawiad, nos heno

'Does genni ddim cinio
Nac arian iw gwario
I wneud i chwi roeso, nos heno

Hear a recording of this song (arranged Pauline Down)

Mari Lwyd carol

Here we come
Dear friends
To ask permissions to sing

If we don't have permission,
Let us know in song
How we should go away tonight

I have no dinner
Or money to spend
To give you welcome tonight


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