Welsh tongue twisters (Clymau tafod)

Oer yw eira ar Eryri.
Cold is the snow on Snowdon.

Caseg winau, coesau gwynion,
Croenen denau, carnau duon;
Carnau duon, croenen denau,
Coesau gwynion caseg winau.

Bay mare, white legs,
Scraggy skin, black hooves;
Black hooves, scraggy skin,
White legs, bay mare.

Chwaraeasoch chwe chi chwaraegar chwe chwiban chwedlonol i chdi.
Six playful dogs played six fabulous whistles to you.

Magwyd Magi Madog mewn ffedog ond methwyd magu mab Magi Madog yn yr un ffedog ag y magwyd Magi Madog.
Magi Madog was brought up in an apron, but Magi Madog's son could not be brought up in the same apron in which Magi Madog was brought up.

Tarw corniog, torri cyrnau,
Heglau baglog, higlau byglau;
Higlau byglau, heglau baglog,
Torri cyrnau tarw corniog.

Ydy dy dei du di yn dy dŷ du di neu ydy dy dad di yn dy dŷ du di?
Is you black tie in your black house or is your dad in your black house?

Ydy'ch tei du chi yn eich tŷ du chi neu ydy'ch tad chi yn eich tŷ du chi?
A formal/plural version of the above

Rowliodd lori Lowri lawr y lôn.
Lowri's lorry rolled down the lane.

O’i wiw ŵy i wau e â; - o’i ieuau
Ei weau a wea;
E wywa ei we aea,
A’i weau yw ieuau iâ.

Mae Llewellyn y llyfrgellydd o Lanelli wedi llyfu llawer o lyfaint.
Llewellyn, the librarian from Llanelli, licked many toads.

Llawr ar lawr y cawr enfawr mae llawer o lewod lliwiog yn llyfu llaw Gwawr nawr.
Down on the giant giant's floor many colourful lions are licking Gwawr's hand now.



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