Dates in Welsh

Details of how to talk about and write dates in Welsh.

When writing dates, an abbreviated form can be used. For example 3rd May 2023 = 3ydd Fai 2023, and is said y trydydd o Fai dwy fil a thri ar hugain.

Abbreviation Full form
1af y cyntaf
2il yr ail
3ydd y trydydd
4ydd y pedwerydd
5ed y pumed
6ed y chweched
7fed y seithfed
8fed yr wythfed
9fed y nawfed
10fed y degfed
11eg yr unfed ar ddeg
12fed y deuddegfed
13eg y trydydd ar ddeg
14eg y pedwerydd ar ddeg
15fed y pymthegfed
16eg yr unfed ar bymtheg
17eg yr ail ar bymtheg
18fed y deunawfed
19eg y pedwerydd ar bymtheg
20fed yr ugeinfed
21ain yr unfed ar hugain
22ain yr ail ar hugain
23ain y trydydd ar hugain
24ain y pedwerydd ar hugain
25ain y pumed ar hugain
26ain y chweched ar hugain
27ain y seithfed ar hugain
28ain yr wythfed ar hugain
29ain y nawfed ar hugain
30ain y degfed ar hugain
31ain yr unfed ar ddeg ar hugain


Months of the year

When talking about dates, the months have the following forms.

January o Ionawr
February o Chwefror
March o Fawrth
April o Ebrill
May o Fai
June o Fehefin
July o Orffennaf
August o Awst
September o Fedi
October o Hydref
November o Dachwedd
December o Ragfyr


Days of the week

Monday dydd Llun
Tuesday dydd Mawrth
Wednesday dydd Mercher
Thursday dydd Iau
Friday dydd Gwener
Saturday dydd Sadwrn
Sunday dydd Sul


Hear how to talk about dates in Welsh:

Information about writing dates in Welsh

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