Alasha (ᠠᠯᠠᠱᠠᠨ)

Alasha is a variety of Mongolian spoken by about 40,000 people in Alxa League (ᠠᠯᠠᠱᠠ
/ 阿拉善盟), an administrative division in eastern Inner Mongolia in northern China. It contains features of both Oirat and Mongolian.

Alasha is also known as Alaša-Eǰen-e, Ejne or Ejine. It has two dialects: Alasha proper and Eǰene.

Mongolian alphabet for Alasha

Mongolian alphabet for Alasha

The letters are shown in their isolated, initial, medial and final forms (from top to bottom).

Download an alphabet chart for Alasha (Excel)

Details of the Alasha alphabet provided by Wolfram Siegel (PDF)


Information about the Alasha language

Mongolic languages

Alasha, Barin, Buryat, Chakhar, Daur, Jarud, Kalmyk, Khamnigan Mongol, Khorchin, Mogholi, Mongolian, Monguor, Santa / Dongxiang

Languages written with the Latin alphabet

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