Daur (ᡩᠠᡤᡠᠷ
/ Daure usuue)

Daur is a Mongolic language spoken in northern China and parts of Mongolia. In China it is spoken in Hailar District in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, in Qiqhar Prefecture in Heilongjiang Province, and in Tacheng Prefecture in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. It is also spoken in Hentiy Province (Хэнтий аймаг) in the northeast of Mongolia.

In 1999 there were about 96,000 speakers of Daur, which is also known as Daghur, Daurian, Daguor, Dagur, Dawar, Dawo'er, Tahuerh or Tahu. Dialects of Daur include Buteha, Qiqiha'er, Haila'er and Ili.

Daur has no standard written form, but a version of Pinyin is sometimes used. During the Qing Dynasty (1636-1912) the Manchu alphabet was used to write Daur. The Cyrillic alphabet has also been used to write Daur.

Manchu alphabet for Daur

Manchu / Mongolian alphabet for Daur

Cyrillic alphabet for Daur

Cyrillic alphabet for Daur

Latin alphabet for Daur

Latin alphabet for Daur

Details of Daur alphabets provided by Michael Peter Füstumum

Download alphabet charts for Daur (Excel)

Sample videos in Daur

Information about Daur | Numbers


Information about the Daur language

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