Badaga (படகா / ಬಡಗ)

Badaga is a Southern Dravidian language spoken in southern Indian, particularly in the Malappuram district of Kerala state, and in the Kunda hills in the Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu state. In 2011 there were about 134,000 speakers of Badaga, which is also known as Badag, Badagu, Baduga, Badugu or Vadagu. It is closely related to Kannada.

In the past Badaga was written with the Latin and Kannada alphabets. Since 2009, it has been written with the Tamil alphabet using a spelling system devised by Anandhan Raju, a native speaker of Badaga from Thangadu Oranaai who works as a teacher in Chamraj.

Recently Yogesh Raj Kadasoley has created a new script for Badaga, known as Badagu, and has published a book in it. There are also classes in various villages in the script.

Tamil alphabet for Badaga

Tamil alphabet for Badaga

Download a script chart of the Badaga (Excel spreadsheet)

Sample videos in Bagada

Information about Badaga | Numbers


Information about the Badaga language and alphabet

Bagada Language Promotion Group

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