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Badaga (படகா / ಬಡಗ)

Badaga is a Southern Dravidian language spoken by about 400,000 people in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, especially in the Nilgiri Hills. It is closely related to Kannada.

Various ways have been devised to write Badaga using the Latin and Kannada alphabets, and in 2009 a new alphabet based on Tamil was invented by Anandhan Raju, a native speaker of Badaga from Thangadu Oranaai who works as a teacher in Chamraj.

Recently Yogesh Raj Kadasoley has created a new script for Badaga and has published a book in it. There are also classes in various villages in the script.
(Information from Sumathi Halan, a member of the Badaga community)

Badaga (Badugu) alphabet

Notable features

Badaga vowels with their Tamil equivalents

Badaga vowels with their Tamil equivalents

Vowel diacritics with ka

Badaga vowel diacritics

Badaga consonants with their Tamil equivalents

Badaga consonants with their Tamil equivalents

Download a chart of the Badaga alphabet (Excel spreadsheet)

Sample videos in Bagada


Information about the Badaga language and alphabet

Bagada Language Promotion Group

Dravidian languages

Badaga, Brahui, Gondi, Irula, Jatapu, Kannada, Kodava, Kolam, Konda, Koya, Kurukh, Malayalam, Mukha Dora, Sankethi, Savara, Sunuwar, Suriyani Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Toda, Tulu, Yerukula

Syllabic alphabets / abugidas

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