Darmiya (Dar’ma)

Darmiya is a Sino-Tibetan language spoken by about 1,750 people in the state of Uttarakhand in northern India. In particular, it is spoken in the town of Dharchula and the Munsiyari Tehsil (subdistrict) along the Dhauli river in the Dhauli (Darma) Valley in the Pithoragarh District in the east of Uttarakhand. Darmiya is spoken by people of all ages, although parents encourage their children to speak Hindi and English, which are used in schools and are seen as more prestigious languages.

Darmiya is also known as Darma, Darma Lwo, Darma-Lwo, Darmani, Saukas or Shauka. It is closely related to Rongpo, Chaudangsi and Byangsi, which are spoken in the same area and are collectively known as Rung.

The is no standard way to write Darmiya. Some people write with the Devangari alphabet, although there is no standard spelling system, and few Darmiya speakers are able to read such written material. A way to write it with the Tibetan alphabet has been proposed, and a practical orthography using the Latin alphabet appears in A descriptive grammar of Darma: an endangered Tibeto-Burman language by Christina Marie Willis.

Latin alphabet for Darmiya

Latin alphabet for Darmiya

Download alphabet charts for Darmiya (Excel)

Sample text

dar’ma jo jo nini leecyang manajana jo nini, gadi ji mi jo nini, khar’ee wala leecyang lanupenu rder’a kiti phondar lee-su. to kiti phondar jo alang t’oka dimag lee-su, ki idu baktee jo nini, sayed ning gu r’ajdani jo nini t’ampawat lee-su.


From Darma, that is, the most famous, that is, motherland and people, that is that one the most knowledgable and well known old men was Kiti Phondar. The Kiti Phondar has much of a mind, that at that time, that is maybe our capital, that is, was Tsampawat.

Source: A descriptive grammar of Darma: an endangered Tibeto-Burman language

Sample video in Darmiya


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