Kulisusu (Pogau Kolinsusu)

Kulisusu is a Celebic language spoken by about 23,000 people on the island of Buton in the province of Southeast Sulawesi in Indonesia. It is spoken particularly in the districts of North Kulisusu and Kambowa in the North Buton Regency, in the Maligano district of the Muna Regency, and in the South Wawonii and Northeast Wawonii Districts of the Konawe Islands Regency.

There are four dialects of Kulisusu: Kambowa, Taloki, Wawonii and Ereke. In Ethnologue the Taloki dialect is classified as a separate language.

Kulisusu is written with the Latin alphabet, although there is no standard spelling system.

Latin alphabet for Kulisusu

Latin alphabet for Kulisusu

Download an alphabet chart for Kulisusu (Excel)


The different versions of b and d are not usually distinguished in writing by Kulisusu speakers.

Sample text (Rusa i Kolinsusu)

Cula-culano rusa i Kolinsusu te Amerika. Rusa i Kolinsusu te Amerika ipokana kaɗimo mosalano ka'ompoleno tanduno. Rusa i Kolinsusu kaɗi picu sampa tanduno. Rusa i Amerika, ɗate kumotanduno ikolaɓi hopulu sampa. Rusa i Kolinsusu cumpe-cumpeno kumotandu ngeeno tandu buo. Cuuna tandu buo, kai cumbu ngeeno tandu bulu.

Translation (Deer in Kulisusu)

The story of deer in Kulisusu and America. Deer in Kulisusu are the same as deer in America, the only difference is in the number of points of their antlers. Deer antlers in Kulisusu only have seven points. In America there are deer with more than ten points. When a Kulisusu deer first has antlers, it is called the spike antler. When the spike antler fall off, there grows what is called the velvet antler.

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Source: https://www.kulisusu.net/en/deer-in-kulisusu

Sample videos in Kulisusu

Information about Kulisusu | Numbers


Information about Kulisusu

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