Moronene is a member of the Celebic branch of the Malayo-Polynesian language family. It is spoken in the Bombana Regency in Southeast Sulawesi in Indonesia. It is the primary language of the Moronene people, one of the four major ethnic groups of Southeast Sulawesi. In 2000 the language had an estimated 37,000 speakers.

Moronene has two major dialects: Wita Ea, which is spoken on mainland Bombana, in Rumbia and Poleang, and Tokotu'a, which us spoken on the island of Kabaena.

The Wita Ea dialect has 23,000 speakers, while Tokotu'a has 14,000. Second or third generation Moronene people in cities can no longer speak Moronene.

Moronene alphabet and pronunciation

Moronene alphabet and pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for Moronene (Excel)

Sample text

Dahoo me'asa oleo kando tepo' awa me'asa ndoke ronga me'asa kolopua,metado hendaa ntalako meronga meroroo ura/ihie'e hai laa e'e.

Kanahiono ndoke: "O, Kolopua! tolakomo meroroo ura/ihie'e hai laa e'e i'ile domondo."

Teteahomo kolonua: "Meicoomo deena, i'ile domondo totepo' awa hai na'ai katolako meronga meroro, sawali pera mawanto topetila oruao."

Teteahomo ndoke: "Moicomo aruniai kana-kana, tetepesingkamo isala i'ilepo domondo katetepo'awa penda diceena."

Translation (by Moshe Ash)

One day, a monkey met with a turtle, promising to go together to search for shrimp and striped snakehead fish in the river.

The monkey said: "O turtle! Let us go and search for shrimp and striped snakehead fish in the river tomorrow morning."

The turtle answered: "Agreed, tomorrow morning we will meet here and we will go together to search, but whatever we get, we will share with each other."

Said the monkey: "Very well if so, let us go our separate ways for now and meet again here tomorrow morning."

Information about Moronene provided by Moshe Ash


Information about Moronene

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