Lengo is a member of the Southeast Solomonic group of Oceanic Malayo-Polynesian languages. It is spoken by about 14,000 people on the island of Guadalcanal in Guadalcanal Province in the Solomon Islands, particular in the north and east of Guadalcanal.

Lengo is also known as Doku, Ruavatu or Tadhimboko. Dialaects include Aola, Paripao, Reko and Teasimboko. It is closely related to Gela, which is spoken nearby.

There are several spelling systems for Lengo devised by missionaries. People tend to use the one of the church they belong to.

Lengo alphabet and pronunciation

Lengo alphabet and pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for Lengo (Excel)

Sample text

Na tugu-a na ghaoka t-e ghani-a na vua. I bongi ara-ko ko dea pogho ara-ko ruka na ghaoka. Ara-ko dea pogho m-e tighi thivo a sakai na ghaoka, m-e tumuri-a a sakai. E thivo m-e theo-a na beti m-e e vuli iti ma na ruke e theo-a na beti m-e vuli dea i beti. M-e thivo ni bo dea pogho m-e mai na vua.


The story about a crocodile that bit a woman. Last night they two were going to bathe, they two two women. They two went to bathe and one woman went down first, and one followed. She went down and she scooped some water and she poured it up[stream] and the second [time] she scooped some water and she poured it across the river. And she was going down to bathe and a crocodile came.

Source: https://www.sil.org/resources/archives/9775

Sample video

Information about Lengo | Numbers


Information about Lengo

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