Mingrelian (მარგალური ნინა)

Mingrelian is a South Caucasian language spoken in north-western Georgia by perhaps half a million people. The language, which is also known as Megrelian or Iverian, is spoken in the region of Samegrelo (Mingrelia) in Western Georgia and in the Republic of Abkhazia. It is closely related to Laz, and more distantly related to Svan and Georgian, though it is not mutually intelligible with any of these languages. The native name for the language is მარგალური ნინა or margaluri nina.

Mingrelian has no offical status and is used mainly in families and in informal situations, while Georgian, which is spoken by most Mingrelians, is used elsewhere. The Georgian alphabet is used to write Mingrelian and there is no written standard.

Mingrelian was first written in the late 19th century mainly in ethnographic literature. A number of Mingrelian newspapers appeared during the 1930s, and some dictionaries and collections of poetry have been published since then.

Mingrelian pronunciation

Mingrelian pronunciation

Sample text in Mingrelian

აჟამ ჟიუშთი დო ჟინუა ნჟილაგარიში არიკი ართი ქევანას ცხოვრენც აჟამ ჟიუშთი დო მაჟირას ჟინუა ნჟილაგარი. ათე ჟინუა ნჟილაგარი ორე თინერი კოჩი, მუდგას მეჩანს კოცნი მუში სიცოხლეს ვეუაფე თინა ქაატუას, ოკო გინაგაფუას. აჟამ ჟიუშთი ორე თინერი - მუთუნს ვემეჩანს კოცს. ქეშეხვადეს თენენქ ართიანს.


aǯam ǯiušti do ǯinua nǯilagariši ariḳi arti kevanas cxovrenc aǯam ǯiušti do mažiras ǯinua nǯilagari. ate ǯinua nǯilagari ore tineri ḳoči, mudgas mečans ḳocni muši sicoxles ve՚uape tina kāṭuas, oḳo ginagapuas. aǯam ǯiušti ore tineri - mutuns vemečans ḳocs. kešexvades tenenk artians.

German translation

Das Märchen von Aǯam Ǯiušti und Ǯinua Nǯilagari. In einem Land lebten A. Ǯ. und in einem anderen Ǯ. N. Dieser Ǯinua war ein solcher Mann, was er einem Mann gibt, in seinem [ganzen] Leben wird es nicht vorkommen, dass er ihn das [umsonst] behalten läßt, er muß ihn dafür zahlen lassen Aǯam Ǯiušti war ein solcher (Mann): Nichts gibt er einem Manne zurück. Sie trafen einander.

From: The Story of Ajam Jushti and Jinua Njilagari

Sample videos in Mingrelian

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South Caucasian languages

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