Numèè (Nââ Numèè)

Numèè is a member of the New Caledonian branch of the Malayo-Polynesian language family. It is spoken by about 1,800 people in the South Province of New Caledonia, mainly on the Isle of Pines (L'Île-des-Pins, Kunyié), and also in Nouméa, the capital of New Caledonia, and other parts of Grande Terre Island.

Numèè is also known as Naa Numee, Naa-Wee, Kwényi, Kwényïï, Nââ Numèè, Kapone, Touaouru, Ouen, Kwenyii, Kunie, Tuauru, Duauru, Uen or Wen. It is written with the Latin alphabet. It has been taught in kindergartens on the Isle of Pines since 2009.

Numèè alphabet and pronunciation

Numèè alphabet and pronunciation


Download a script chart for Numèè (Excel)
Details of the Numèè alphabet provided by Wolfram Siegel (PDF)

Some details provided by Michael Peter Füstumum

Sample text

Nââ kwényï bwa kâ dèrè gé wù Océanie gé ngwà tre ö gï austronésienne. Nââ é vùù ngê kô nuu kwényï. E vinyîrî 1814 wawè ngà vùù ngê nââ. Mwâ demwâ kwényï ngà bwa tre mô vangà kô mwatiti mô kô ngâ nuu é taa marë mô nupu, në bwa vùù roko ngà nââ kwényï.


Nââ kwényï is part of the Kanak language subgroup of the Austronesian family of the Oceanian branch. It is mainly spoken on the Isle of Pines by approximately 1,814 speakers, but also by Kunié residing in urban areas or in the northern province.


Sample videos in Numèè

Information about Numèè | Numbers


Information about Numèèèè_languageââ_numèè

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