Seediq (Sediq Taroko)

Seediq is a member the Atayalic of the Formosan language family. It is spoken in central and eastern Taiwan, mainly in inland areas of Hualien county (花蓮縣), and in Nantou county (南投縣) and Yunlin county (雲林縣). The most spoken dialect of Seediq is Truku (太魯閣 Tàilǔgé), which had about 20,000 speakers in 2008. Taroko Gorge is also named after this dialect. Other dialects of Seediq are Toda (Tuuda), which has about 2,500 speakers, and Tgdaya (Tkdaya, Paran), which has about 2,500 speakers.

The Seediq language was official recognised by the government in Taiwan in 2008. Since then the Seediq people have been working to preserve and revitalise their language and culture. A way of writing Seediq with the Latin alphabet was developed as well, and Seediq has been taught in some schools since 2001.

Seediq alphabet and pronunciation

Seediq alphabet and pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for Seediq (Excel)

Sample text

Smkuxul ku musa muuyas ka yaku. Slluhe jiyuga, muuyas, muuyas uyas ma kmeeki. Mqaras ku klaali ka yaku. Meniq ku sapah, tama bubu mu, ma qbsuran mu rseno, swai mu mqedil, smkuxul mbahang uyas mu ma, qmita keeki mu kana dheya.


I like to go to school and learn to draw, read, sing and dance. I am very happy every day. The picture I drew was very beautiful. I also read books very much, and the teacher likes me very much. At home, my father, mother, brother, and sister all like to listen to me singing and watching me dance.

Information provided by Michael Peter Füstumum

Sample videos in and about Seediq

Information about Seediq | Numbers


Information about the Seediq language

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